Sometimes I jokingly refer to myself as a Theoretical Spiritualist.

I take what is commonly regarded as true, not just from physics but from a variety of different areas of knowledge and then I ask a simple question, “if a is true, then what else must necessarily be true?”

I often write on the topic of spirituality. I ask my readers to reconsider the nature of consciousness and even the nature of God. I think it’s important that you understand that I am not the least bit religious. For many years I deeply resented the fact that the subject of God was only examined within the framework of religion. This gives the impression that religion has something to say about the subject of God.

It doesn’t.

I simply believe that if God is real, if consciousness continues after brain activity necessary for consciousness stops then there must be a way to discuss this phenomenon apart from of religion.

Mahatma Gandhi said “God has no religion” and I couldn’t agree with him more.

This is not to say that I am anti-religion but rather religion is what it is. And it certainly isn’t a credible source of information about God, the nature of consciousness, history, morality etc.

Man created religion to deceive himself into believing that he could influence the forces of nature to work to his advantage through ritual observances. As human communities grew larger cooperation proved necessary for them to survive, men repurposed religion as a way to curb selfishness and promote cooperation.

Religion is and has always been only a group identity to preserve and perpetuate man’s own world view. That’s why there are 4,200 different religions on the Earth. When religion is positive, it can provide an opportunity for those who have a limited capacity for loving themselves and others to practice love. When religion is negative, it bolsters US and THEM thinking which can be destructive and diminishing and justify acts of great inhumanity upon those who they define as the other.

The truth is always there for anyone to see. To find truth you have to seek truth for truth’s sake. Most people don’t seek truth instead they look for information to support their pre-existing belief.

You can’t paint an accurate picture of the world using only one color. I view bodies of knowledge are like colors. The world is made up of many different colors. In order to produce an accurate picture of the world, you need to use many different colors and draw upon many different bodies of knowledge. I use  Anthropology, Quantum Physics, History, Philosophy, Brain Science, and Near Death Experiences to explain the human experience.

My hope is that through this project, I will encourage people to seek truth for the sake of truth and by doing so help someone have a better understanding of themselves, others, and their relationships.

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