History Repeats Itself

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Rosa Parks: That’s it. That is the last time I am going to give up my seat when I am asked to move. Tomorrow am going to refuse to give up my seat to protest RACIAL SEGREGATION in Montgomery.

#1: Rosa, we are a country of LAWS. It’s against the LAW to refuse to give up your seat for a white person. Did you know that? You will be arrested and taken to jail. You see, that’s the problem with YOU people. You don’t have respect for law. You DESERVE what you get.

#2: Rosa, I’m sorry. I can’t support you doing this. I know the family that run the Montgomery Bus Lines. They’re good, Christian people. I know because they go to my church. Lovely people. Just lovely. I can’t imagine what you have against THEM?

#3: You should be GRATEFUL that there is even a bus that will take your kind. They don’t need to. This is America. If they wanted to they could choose not to serve such UNGRATEFUL customers. Maybe you would want to live in China where they don’t even have buses? Hmm??

#4 What about the people that work so hard to make sure the buses are clean, working properly and on time? What do you have against HARD WORKING PEOPLE? They didn’t do anything to you and what about how this will impact them? Many of them have families too? Do you think about anyone other than yourself?

#5 Look, I support you Rosa, but so many whites would be uncomfortable sharing a seat with a colored person. I’m not talking about stupid racist here, I’m talking about GOOD white people who wouldn’t be comfortable, that’s all. And if you do something like that and they end up making white people sit next to coloreds, well, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, those good white people are going to turn AGAINST you and then you won’t have any allies anywhere. Do you really want that?

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