The Only Adults In The Room

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As more and more GOP officials come out DAILY and warn us how clueless Trump is about basically EVERYTHING, I hear a lot of Republican faithful calling these GOP officials who they respected just 12 months ago “traitors” and accusing them of being “un-American”.


Do they even understand what they are saying? They’re equating NOT supporting Donald TRUMP to being a traitor to their country. When did supporting Donald Trump become the litmus test to how much someone loves their country?

At first I said, “They can’t be serious.”

Then I said, “Of course they are.”

Which is why these election years only underscore the obvious… for too many Americans it doesn’t matter who is standing under the Elephant or the Donkey in November, whoever it is already had your vote before they even opened their mouths.

You vote for whomever they put before you.

You’re a team player.

They can always count on you.

And when your particular candidate sucks you can always count on the “team players” to bring up the good ole tried and true “Supreme Court” argument to scare people into voting for the moron on their team.

You know how many times I have read “this president could decide 4 Supreme Court justices???”

Really? How often do you think these Justices die?

Hell, I have been looking at Clarence Thomas half asleep on the bench since I was 19 years old.

I am 44 now.

As a black man, my choices this year are a woman who is a proud “Barry Goldwater girl” and a narcissist who has been endorsed by every white supremacist/fascist in the country.


This two party system and our unwavering allegiance to it has done nothing but produce candidates of late who consistently insult my intelligence.

Sometimes I don’t know what I find more insulting, what they say or that they actually think I won’t fact check.

If you think I sound like a woman scorned, you’re right. I am. But I have a right to be. I actually live in a state where a moron won the gubernatorial election just by saying he was a NERD.

Really. That actually happened.

Look, you can lie to me. It’s a free country. But don’t expect me to vote for you once I fact check and find out you misspoke or you misremembered…deliberately.

It’s not that I don’t expect my presidential candidates to be human beings…I just expect them to be decent human beings.

This is why this country so desperately needs a viable third party, one that isn’t built around a single issue, and one whose policies are not based on belief, but on EVIDENCE.


If there is no evidence that abstinence only programs reduce teen pregnancy, then they won’t support it.

Just like if there is no evidence that there are monsters hiding in your closet they aren’t going to cut you a check for 300 million no matter how many jobs you say it will create hunting them down.

We go where the evidence leads us.

That means that, depending on the issue, sometimes we’ll side with the Republicans.

And sometimes we’ll side with the Democrats.

But we will ALWAYS, always, always side with the FACTS.

No one party has a monopoly on facts.

So while the Democrats and Republicans argue over whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside, our party will actually open a window, peak our head outside and look!

I want to see an America where neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will be able to get anything passed in the Senate without winning over half a dozen or so “Rationales”.

I already have our party motto, “the ONLY adults in the room”.

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