The Suffering Butterfly

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Sometimes I read statuses and it seems clear to me that many seem to equate not having problems or having obstacles removed from in front of them as some sort blessing. Like ideally, the perfect life wouldn’t have problems. Sure struggles can be distressing, that’s for certain, but in reality, it’s the struggle that moves us forward, helps us develop and grow.

Removing obstacles in front of you or sparing your consequences of your choices isn’t always doing you a favor or a blessing.

There is no better example of this than the butterfly. If we were to happen upon a butterfly struggling to emerge from its chrysalis, and we helped it escape, we certainly would relieve it of a problem, no doubt. But did you know that it’s the struggle to escape from its chrysalis that releases fluid into butterflies wings and strengthens them??
It is BECAUSE the butterfly struggles to escape its cocoon that it emerges with the ability to fly! Had you intervened before it had a chance to “struggle” it would’ve emerged from its cocoon unable to fly and would be unable to escape its predators.

Sometimes I think we lose sight of the fact that the purpose of life is not to live without problems, the purpose of life is to face our problems.

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