Money Is A Tool

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Money is a tool. Money in-an-of-itself is worthless. It only has value if someone is willing to trade you something for it, i.e. some item, time, labor etc. Ask any Zimbabwean about the value of money. 50 billion Zimbabwean dollars is worth barely 70 American cents on the black market.

Everyone has different priorities on how it should be spent. Some people will spend thousands on a 10 days and nights in Puerto Rico but won’t spend a fraction of that on a high definition television. Some people will spend thousands on a first edition comic book but won’t buy a reliable car to get to and fro.

We’re all different. I get it.

But what I don’t get is people who don’t spend money at all or try not to. Money only has value when you trade it for things. I will never understand people choose to live in poverty like conditions but expect you to be envious because they have money in the bank. Look, I am not saying people should be frivolous or irresponsible with their money but it makes more sense to horde Campbell Soup labels to me than money if you have no intention on eventually spending it.

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