12 Elements of All Near-Death Experiences

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By following a basic scientific principle, that what is consistently seen among many different observations is real, researchers have been able to identify twelve elements of near-death experiences. A near-death experiencer will include some if not all of these elements.

  1. Out of body experience. A total separation of consciousness from the physical body.
  2. Heightened senses.
  3. Intense and generally positive emotions or feelings.
  4. Passing through a tunnel.
  5. Encountering a mystical or brilliant light.
  6. Encountering other beings, either mystical beings or deceased relatives or friends.
  7. A sense of alteration of time or space
  8. A Life Review.
  9. Encountering unworldly realms.
  10. Encountering or learning special knowledge.
  11. Encountering a boundary or barrier.
  12. A return to the body either voluntary or involuntary.

(Long & Perry, Evidence of the Afterlife pg. 10, 2010)

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