Glossary: Elsewhere

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“Elsewhere” is how I refer to the plane of existence that our consciousness returns to during a near-death experience where the experiencer often encounters otherworldly beings, deceased relatives etc.

Most likely “Elsewhere” doesn’t refer to one particular place but rather many planes across various dimensions of existence.

With that said, still one of the defining characteristics of “Elsewhere” is how our consciousness perceives the progression of Time.

Many people who report to having near-death experiences report to their being no time in Elsewhere or that time isn’t a sequence of events as it seems to be here.

“For the sake of some level of written chronology, I express as, “next”, “after” or, “then”. It could be in that order, but know that I am often tempted to say that it was “all at once”. (Long, God’s Fingerprint, pg.36 2014)

The passing of time is referred to in a reading taken on October 27, 1983 where they said, “Here, there is no time – no day- no year. Tis only measured thus in a physical sense, as a measure of allotted space in the physical. See?”

This is consistent with information collected by Jeffrey Long, MD a nationally recognized expert on Near Death Experiences who collects scientific data on near-death experiences.

According to his data, 60.5% of people who participated in the NDERF survey  answered “Yes” to the question, “Did you have any sense of altered space or time?” When asked, “Did time seem to speed up?” 33.9% of people who participated in the survey responded. “Everything seemed to be happening all at once.” (Long, Perry Evidence of the Afterlife pg. 18, 2010)


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