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When I approach solving a problem, I ask myself, “If A is true then what else must necessarily be true?”

Facts are never in conflict with each other. Truth always affirms truth.

So if it is true that the act of observing something alters what is being observed, then it must necessarily be true that there is a relationship between the act of observing and the object being observed.

Yet physicists have been frustratingly silent on the subject of consciousness.

“For as long as the discipline has existed, physicists have been reluctant to discuss consciousness, considering it a topic for quacks and charlatans. Indeed, the mere mention of the ‘c’ word could ruin careers.” (The Physics arXiv Blog, 2014)

Science might not have dogma per se, but it does have assumptions that serve the same function, the nature of consciousness being one of them. Question those assumptions and they kick you out of the group.

String theory speaks to the idea that the vibration of tiny one-dimensional strings determines if something manifests as matter or energy. Hermeticism essentially had the same idea, only 5,000 years earlier, but Hermeticism goes a step further and claims that vibration is what determines if strings manifest as sentience.

Now it seems Theoretical Physicists might be jumping on board.

Mark Tegmark, Theoretical Physicists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge has put his reputation in jeopardy by suggesting that it might be more accurate to think of consciousness like a state of matter, like a solid, liquid or gas.

For the record, I think Mark is moving in the right direction. I just hope the next time we hear from Mark Tegmark he isn’t analyzing cave drawings on an episode of Ancient Astronauts.

Let’s consider for a moment that sentience is the result of a vibration in strings.

I am going to assume that whatever natural laws cause strings to vibrate to the point where they become “awake” is always occurring somewhere. It’s not as if gravity exists in some places and doesn’t in others. Natural laws necessarily exist everywhere. If sentience arises from natural laws then it would always be occurring somewhere.

Consider this quote from a Reading from July 12, 1996 that speaks to this “awakening” and what happens to newly emerging consciousnesses.

“The soul is developed before it reaches the body.  It is taught, socialized, etc. The physical existence is the testing ground for what has been learned elsewhere.”


In order for the mathematics in String theory to work, it requires 11 different dimensions including length, width, height and time. Each one-dimensional “string” vibrates in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

People often report in accounts of their near-death experiences that they perceive dimensions differently than they do through the human brain.

“I could see all directions at once, yet there were no directions or dimensions as we think of them.” (Long & Perry, 2010, pg. 102)

Once aware of these extra dimensions, consciousness is able to “move” towards what I assume are one of these 11 dimensions predicted by string theory. 52% of people who have near-death experiences report visiting an “elsewhere” during their experience. Sometimes this “moving” is done by travelling through a tunnel towards a light at the end, but not always. The more I think about it, maybe “move” is too misleading. If strings vibrate in multiple dimensions simultaneously, maybe there is a part of our consciousness that never leaves “elsewhere”.

For some, like my friend Jean, who experienced not one but two separate near-death experiences when her heart stopped four different times while she was hospitalized with toxic shock syndrome, there was never a tunnel that she became aware of. She just bypassed all of that and “appeared” in “elsewhere”. Whenever Jean would get a reading, she described it as tuning in to a different frequency much like a radio dial. Maybe what makes this possible is that our consciousness does exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously and that a part of us is always in “elsewhere”.

So how and why does consciousness go from being “elsewhere” to being attached to a particular human brain? I think it’s reasonable to assume that going through whatever trouble it is to make that happen must serve some purpose.

I think a clue towards answering that question is the types of entities that people report encountering during their Near-Death Experiences.

In many accounts of near-death experiences, people report to encountering beings that seem to be made of light without clearly definable features. They always report feeling total unconditional love and acceptance emanating from these beings. They often say that the love they feel from this “light” is a deeper love than anything that they have ever felt here on Earth.

“A beautiful light drew me to itself; the light still touches me with awe and tears come immediately.” (Long & Perry, 2010, pg. 21)

People always refer to the light being exceptionally bright, but yet it doesn’t hurt to look directly into it, and more importantly, it doesn’t give off any heat. I think that is significant. Something is said to be “illuminating” when it gives off light that doesn’t result from heat. Luminescence can be accomplished any number of ways; by chemical reactions, electrical energy but also but also by subatomic motions.

Some people assume that these beings are “Angels” or some other comparable otherworldly beings, but I am not convinced such beings exist.

Once a string is “awake”, I think it would be reasonable to assume that what it experiences would have some effect on it. I believe it is reasonable to assume that inner-experience might influence their rate of vibration. If inner-experience can affect rate of vibration then what we feel coming from these beings that are illuminating is significant.

People always report feeling love emanating from these beings. They never feel judgment or indifference. This points to a relationship between LOVE, vibration and luminescence. If the capacity to love is deep enough, it might be possible to give off light through some process that produces luminescence.

Again, The Readings seem to support this theory.

“Ye are of God, my children – and the glow of LOVE shall reign supreme.”Reading from October 01, 1983

See no reference to “Angels”. I have also noticed that this “glow of love” that they speak of is rarely, if ever, seen emanating from deceased loved ones.

If luminescence is related to the capacity to love, why aren’t your deceased relatives glowing when you see them on the other side?

Wait a minute. (You look down at your hands) Now that you mention it, why am I not glowing either?

This is some bull…

“Some of ye have NO limits to ye LOVE. Others there do.”Reading from October 06, 1983

Tis that their depth of LOVE is limited by their levels. See? They cannot help who they are. They have not grown enough to “see”.Reading from November 08, 1983

It is the LOVE that also sets apart the higher levels. The more pure LOVE, the higher the level.Reading from October 06, 1983

If it is capacity to love that distinguishes the levels, then LOVE must also be what increases the rate of vibration high enough that luminescence occurs.

According to the Readings, “The purpose of all is the honing of a soul’s development to reach back into the God-force with perfection.”October 27, 1983

The purpose of our existence isn’t to “glow” like Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon, but rather to develop our capacity to love ourselves and others unconditionally.  Luminescence then is like a merit badge.

In my opinion, these beings that glow have such a deep capacity for love, particularly comparable to ourselves, that it’s understandable that we assume that they are different from us but they are not different from us, they are what we can be.

According to the Readings, there are seven levels of spiritual development. It is the capacity to love that sets apart the levels, not intelligence, not money, not good looks, not what you believe or how fervently you believe it. It’s Love.

The first level represents those who are severely limited in their capacity to love. These would be your sociopaths. The seventh represents those who have no limits to their ability to love. These would be your walking light bulbs.

According to the Readings, the Earth is a place where the overwhelming majority of souls are of the SECOND and THIRD levels.

There are, as on earth – in earth schools—higher grades and lower grades. These are different levels. According to the individual soul’s development, so then there are different lessons to learn, and different expectations of the soul. The more highly developed the soul – the greater are the expectations and the understanding. Greater, too, are the abilities to participate in both experiences at the same time. The lower the soul level, the more lost in the physical existence it becomes.  The higher the soul level, the more in-tune it is with both worlds. – Reading from July 12, 1996

So if you are still wondering why you aren’t glowing, maybe you should reconsider how you feel about your fellow man.

To be continued…


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