“When there is disorder, there is a feeling of disarray within”

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Reading from Thursday, December 01, 1983

Ye are learning my children. Look about ye.  All are asking others to control what they are not ordered enough, within, to control themselves.  When there is disorder, there is a feeling of disarray within.

Jean, ye must first put to order ye surroundings.  Once ye do that, the rest shall begin to fall in place. See? Ye must straighten and repair, so that ye find space for serenity in the time to come. Then, it can all begin.  Do one thing at a time.  First things first.  Ye shall then feel strength within to proceed. See?

Tis a time of cleansing – both within and without. See it clearly. Thus, shall the rest fall into place.  Today is the first day, as is each day hence. See?  Ye cannot live in days gone by.  Ye cannot cling to what was.  Ye must proceed. It shall not be difficult now that ye see this clearly.  Do what must be done, so that ye can get on with the new.  Once all is in order, the new commences.  Ye are then ready. Tis some symbolic, but easily accomplished.  Ye have hidden away, within. Ye have pushed all aside, so that ye could see within. Now it is time for order with out. It is being accomplished. Ye are ready.

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