“Be thankful. Live in gratitude.”

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Reading from Friday, November 18, 1983.

Ye do well, my children. All is well for ye.  Do not worry or fear over anything.  Be thankful.  Live in gratitude.

The Lord is with ye and ye shall find renewed strength.

Yea – patience can be most difficult of all when ye are given information ahead. The anticipation should be learned to be relaxed and easy.  Each comes in the proper time. Ye would want naught before its time, because it would make life more difficult for ye, not easier.  My children – ye know God shall provide the way as it is time.  Ye have oft frustrated yeselves by attempting to act too soon. Ye know what has been shown to ye is God’s wish.  Ye must trust in him to bring it at the right time and place.  He always provides the means.

Oft ye have been shown what is to be, then assumed that it was up to ye to find the way.  Ye must now understand that God, the Father, is the provider the source.  He only wishes ye to act out his wishes. Ye are instruments of him – ye are not the source.  Now that ye are coming to accept this, and are willing to be patient, it can begin at the proper time.  Always, ye must keep in mind, the source.  Ye cannot glorify yeselves, but rather know it is he who brings all unto ye.  So oft, ye have said the words and ye knew, but ye heart was closed, because ye wanted it your way and in your time.  Now that ye understand, with an open heart, ye cannot make a mistake with what comes. See?

Ye now shall no longer become overblown with self-importance.  Ye now can see and accept that it is not YE who brings it about – but rather it is the Holy Father.  It is truly through his LOVE for ye that there are delays. It is for ye own good.

Keep in mind – all is sent to ye by Him. Tis true in every phase of ye life.  Ye only experience difficulty when ye feel ye must be in control.  More oft than not, it is not ye place, nor ye doing, nor ye job to control. Ye are but a conduit in this life.

Understand ye are a part of the God-force.  Ye were sent to accomplish His wishes.   Ye have not other real purpose in being there.  Ye are his instruments.  When ye went to that plane, it was not with other specific personal goals. See?  As ye accede and submit, unto the Heavenly Father – then can all be truly accomplished in the time frame intended.  Ye have struggled with HIM on earth terms.  Now that ye understand it, it shall be accomplished with more ease.

When ye relax, as a conduit, then all can flow easily through ye.  Ye have been tenacious with ye heart.  Now, as ye see, ye shall also see the burdens all lifted.  Tis now that ye learn to stop not the flow.  Do ye understand? This new understanding shall give yet the utmost peace. It is His LOVE which shall flow through ye in joyful celebration. Ye shall radiate joyful contentment. Tis in every area.

Ye must remember, ye are there for ye mission. Ye are of God.  Keep this foremost in ye mind and all the struggles shall cease within and without.  Ye are not of the earth, my children – tis only ye bodies which are of the earth.  Ye spirits are of God.  Ye are Him. See? Each time ye attempt to be of the peoples of the earth, ye break away from him and lose strength.  Ye have always been connected, but ye turned partially away.  Tis when ye have met with the greatest difficulties and pain in ye life.  Ye entire life there thus far has been an attempt to accept earth standards as ye own.  Yet, it is not from where ye come and never shall ye find a place that fits completely among them.  To try does bind ye to an earth life that is not meant to be. Y e need to fill entirely with the God-force and trust in him to show ye the way. It is how ye find peace.

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