“Only the strongest shall truly understand”

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Readings from Monday, November 14, 1983

Worldly riches shower down upon ye now. Dispute it not.  Accept with grace. Remain above and see tis illusion always.

Moneys, wealth, worldly riches must never gain importance beyond what they are! They are ye tools. As ye believe, this thou sowest – thus thou do reap. See?
Fear not. Ye are now well prepared. Only be aware so that ye fall not into the worldly trap. Do all with LOVE. Share and ye shall rejoice. See? Ye shall enjoy! Tis promised!

The Lord is with ye.  Ye walk not alone through this time.  Rather, it is a time to listen unto him,  that ye may learn and walk in the proper path. See? Keep ye heart open unto him, and ye’ll never again know fear. Ye were sent there to the peoples to provide a place, to gather the peoples and to shine as a light unto they who can know.  Ye have been given the key to the mysteries, so that they may also understand, who are ready.  Only the strongest shall truly understand. The rest shall oft falter – but ye give unto them new hope and promise. Each who are ready shall try and succeed. They are few!

Say unto them, “Believe! Have faith in God and all is provided. Ask it of him – believe –and it is done! Tis faith which brings all that is needed.” Ye have that faith my children, and with it comes new –found patience. Ye are listening and ye do see.  It is upon ye now.

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