“Who can understand, shall understand. Who can see, shall see. Who can hear, shall hear.”

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Reading from Sunday, November 13, 1983.

Ye are learning, my child. Yea, it may seem slowly unto ye, but ye are doing well.  Fear not, in any way. God is with ye.

Much is clearing for ye.  Soon, ye shall see how it is the Lord whose hand has come between ye and some who have been in ye inner circle. Tis because ye grow beyond what they know and are capable of learning.

Ye are seeing some of the mysteries revealed. Tis faith and LOVE which is the key always. There is naught ye can do for those of ye family who are not able to do or be as ye are. Ye are a rarity amongst mankind. Ye see, there are few there ready to give completely of themselves to trust in God. Tis a part of the earth-world, that most shall never see the illusions which are there.  Naught is real on that plane, yet it is fixed within their minds – thus they’ll see no other way. See?

For most – ye are the oddity – the unreality. Ye cannot be tolerated, as it destroys what they see as the ONLY reality.  Ye see the truth but oft it is not a truth they can accept. Tis not any that they can accept as they have not the faith. Also, few are able to succumb to that kind of ease. Ye shall spread the word, but only to a select few.  Ye shall now see who are ready, but be forewarned – tis few!

But as ye meet with them, ye shall now be much gratified. Ye shall share. Ahh, but ye have now changed.  Ye shall never be able to return to what ye were.  Ye have more responsibility now, that ye have ever known in ye life – but it is different from all that came before.  Too, it shall be lighter for ye, though the load is more.  Do ye see?  Ye shall feel lighter within. Ye are a beacon of sorts, filled with an inner light. Those who cannot understand shall oft be intimidated and even some repulsed by ye.  But they who are of like shall be drawn unto ye like moths to a flame. Tis how ye work shall be done.  Ye shall KNOW.

All is well. It is to be simply done and ye shall fulfill the mission. Ye are in the midst of change – but I promise thee: It shall not be painful or difficult for ye.  In fact, it shall be the most joyous part of ye life.  It only shall not be precisely as ye thought.  Who can understand, shall understand.  Who can see, shall see.  Who can hear, shall hear. Beyond that – ye cannot make be what is not meant to be.  IT is naught ye can do to change they who are unchangeable. See?  Cry not for any. They cannot help who they are. Tis truly a great step, if they turn to God for even a fraction of their earth time.  Ye can only show the way, and allow them to choose. There is naught more ye can do.

Just know throughout – ye are and never shall be alone. Tis true both in the physical and emotional sense. Look always unto God, and ye shall be guided.  Ye have hidden knowledge.  It gives ye the power to change any that is there, but for the souls.  They must choose their own way, and make their own reality.  For many of many, ye shall not be able to anything.

Fear nothing! Only flow with all that is presented. Also, ye shall discover many, many of the earthly riches are on the way to ye. Ye must see their unimportance at all times. They are a tool given unto ye, so that yet may do all that ye must while there. Add no more import to them than that. They shall ever be added unto thee, as long as ye understand this. See? Tis not an easy task set before ye now.  Ye are much prepared.  Only, when ye are confused – turn to the Lord, and ye shall know what to do.

Ye life does much reverse. All pressures ye have known, are now lifted. Tis a gift from God, and ye shall be guided.  Allow ye faith to guide…and remember! Tis not real!  Naught there is real and naught there is important beyond the souls.

Ye life changes – tis true for ye both. Tis forever! Ye have been well prepared for this time. Relax and allow it to flow.

Worldly riches do arrive. Ye shall have great fun with it all. Tis promised. Ye are in the midst of it. Tis a part of ye mission. New joys arrive. More shall be told unto ye later. Take not the world’s problems as ye own. Keep in mind that those are illusions. Float above. Peace. Selah.

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