“Tis ye spirit—that he views. Tis not what is man’s”

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Reading from Thursday, November 10, 1983.

Child – ye flagellate yeself, stating that you are unworthy. Do ye not know that in the eyes of God, all are worthy? Ye have no cause to denigrate who ye are. Perfection is not expected in the flesh. Were it not so, ye would be God. See?  Ye know all correct action is done because the soul is happiest when doing it.  Tis an inner light being followed not an outer light.  Do ye understand of what I speak? The motivation is such that it is “the desire”—not the desire to prove to any, but the happiest way. Do ye understand?

The weakness in spirit comes when the inner turmoil exists. It is when the soul fights its essence. See? Ye cannot fight the essence, without draining the energies. This, ye cannot allow –more than the frustration. Ye are now only attempting to prove to yeself that ye are weak. This is a false humility. Tis that ye are proving to self that ye are unworthy. Tis nonsense! Ye are not judged in that manner by God. Ye know this!

Give unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s. Give unto man, that which is man’s. Give unto God, that which is God’s. Tis ye spirit—that he views.  Tis not what is man’s.  It is only when man’s body, or physical needs “interfere” with the soul that he is disappointed.  But it is always self-infliction which interferes the most. See?
God is with ye in all things. Listen well. Allow him to guide. Allow not self-pity, or guilt, to stand between ye and the guidance which is there. It (self-flagellation) can become an interfering force. Know ye are worthy. The lord sees all, and has chosen wisely.

Oft perfection in the physical plane is intolerable and intolerant. For he who is truly weak, tis an impossible goal. When some imperfections are present and yet a basic goodness is there within – it gives hope unto all who see, because it becomes attainable unto them too.  Do ye begin to understand? Were ye perfection, according to earth standards, ye could not do what ye must do there.  Again, LOVE is the key.  Do all in LOVE and ye shall do correctly.  Allow the LOVE to flow from ye, and ye shall truly accomplish what ye have been sent to do.  Reject no one.  Do all that is asked of ye. Be open to God’s hand. He lifts ye up and ye are glad. Do not fear the making of a mistake.  It shall not be allowed.  Look about ye with kindness in ye heart.  Allow LOVE to flow from ye.

Mankind needs LOVE more than all else. They are lost and of the lost, when they cannot LOVE.  When one does not LOVE the self, one cannot LOVE others. See?  Lack of LOVE within, does also block the LOVE with out. Enough self-flagellation!! Tis lack of LOVE within, and then tis not possible to allow LOVE to flow out.  And, it is an outpouring of LOVE which is needed most.  Block it not!  As the self is forgiven, so are the frailties of others. See?

Ye are different from the others there. DO not attempt to be the same. Float above – soar! As ye see from above, ye can avoid the traps of illusion.  Allow ye self not to be ensnared. Be always on the guard! Know God is with ye and does always provide. Ye must remaining continually aware. Look for the snares. They are ever present.

Remember!  Naught on the physical plane is real.  There is no threat.  When ye see that they are all illusion – they are then non-existent.  Remember too, God is between ye and any or all threats. He takes care of it all.  He provides all things.  Look to him. He shall allow naught bad or harmful to reach ye.  He is the barrier.  He brings unto ye all that ye need and much, much more. Trust in him. Have faith.  See him there.  He brings ye naught but wonderful blessings through it all – oft in ways that ye may not initially understand.  Look from a distance though and ye shall see.  Ye shall be in awe.  He also brings ye peace.  Be not threatened or fearful, as that gives the illusions reality.  Instead, see only prosperous, joy-filled, wonderful times for ye all.

The burdens are being totally lifted.  Soon, ye shall feel totally light.  Tis God’s wish.  God is between ye and all difficulties. He is the buffer.  See him clear.  He stands between ye and all danger. Fear NOTHING! Dismiss all worry from ye mind. Proceed with full confidence.  Hold ye head high and be serene.  He stands between ye and ye conflicts. If ye accept totally his presence, ye shall no more be touched by difficulty or worry.  He is with ye now. Trust in HIM. Peace. Selah.

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