“Logic is borne of the phsyical plane – tis an attempt to replace faith”

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Reading from Tuesday, November 08, 1983

Your time has come, my children. Ye task is not an easy one. At times, ye shall be asked to give, when ye feel ye have not enough. Worry not. Fear not. All is given even as ye give it away. More does come. Be not afraid—ever!! Never fear being without—nor should ye fear any insufficiencies for it shall not be. Ye are truly blessed!

Never hoard! Never hesitate. Give freely and easily of what ye have. Twill always be more than enough. Tis promised. Moneys and things are only worldly riches. Naught of it is import. Give of ye last farthing, if it is needed by another. Be not afraid in any way. God is with ye always!

Oft, ye shall feel deserted, alone, and lonely! Ye shall truly wonder if ye have been forsaken. Mankind shall view ye with envy and lust. Ye shall oft hear disparaging words. Tis the words from ye kith and kin, which disturb ye most. But know within, God is with ye. Ye can do naught for any who do not wish to see. Tis that their lower level do blind them. Ye are never alone, my children! God is with ye. Take his hand, and he shall lift ye up from the heartbreak that be. Mourn not the loss—for most are not truly lost, only blinded. Ye can only do what ye must and continue on ye way.

Ye mission has been laid out before ye. Ye shall not err. Link up with those of ye level and “see” what is to be done. Those such as ye are few on the earth. Ye shall not be greatly welcomed by many – as they “see” and “sense” ye power, and are made afraid. As ye know, fear oft begets violence. Be at peace from within though, as ye are always safe from harm—as are all that ye LOVE.

A circle shall be made, and it is of protection. Tis of all those who link and belong in the outer circle. Then, comes they who link within—on and on it goes, con-centrically—till all are united in peace. First, it must be amongst ye level in power. Then—slowly shall the rest see and understand. See? Tis not ye journey alone. Others shall also assist ye. Soon, ye see ye strengthen each other and get on with all that must be done. All shall feel some remorse at the refusal of some loved ones to see what is there.

Remember too – logic is borne of the physical plane. Tis an attempt to replace faith. Yet, faith has no reason. See? Only that it works and makes all possible. Tis the ultimate in faith that makes ye mission possible. Too, many members of the families who reject what was shown, shall come at the last minute, seeking safety from what is there. Open ye hearts to any and all who wish to enter. Remember too, allow not a false cult to emerge. Speak always of God the father, and his way.

Most shall not understand the illusion which is there. It goes contrary to much of what they believe. The people of power and money in the work place are looked up to – some viewed as Gods of sorts unto themselves. They are much emulated and respected. Then ye come along – tumbling down their Gods and declaring all is illusion. Is it no wonder ye’ll oft not be welcome? Ye ask them to change and reject the riches. This shall not be understood. Yet, ye shall also be listened to because ye too have accumulated wealth. See? Tis a paradox! Ye show them the simplicity of it all. Yet many shall complicate all that they see and that ye say – with their own versions and understandings. Though the lesson is simple –twill not oft be accepted as thus.

Jean – ye must come to understand ye family – especially ye sister and ye mother. They cannot understand ye mission, or see it as totally of God –as they cannot be a total part of ye circle (at least not yet) See? They cannot accept totally what they cannot be a part of. Tis their level. Yet, God is with them too. He shall lead them both down a different path – one day to converge with ye own. As the day and time comes, they shall be guided in the right direction. Have faith – know that God is also with them, and one day they will understand ye pathway too. Do not reject them, as they shall now reject ye. For one day, ye paths shall re-converge and reconciliation shall be there. Twill then be a time of great joy!

My child, ye must understand that some of the rejection shall be due to envy. As ye continue to meet with more and more successes, ye shall be viewed with envy and some distrust. Even ye willingness to share shall cause discomfort amongst them. Ye shall feel a great sense of loss. Just remember – tis because ye have always thought of them as part of ye support system –there with total loving support. As ye find these new successes, ye oft find envy replacing the total acceptance, and ye shall cry. Tis that their depth of LOVE is limited by their levels. See? They cannot help who they are. They have not grown enough to “see”. Tis that ye shall feel betrayed – and wonder if there are any there, who are trustworthy and understand. Be at peace within and continue to offer unconditional love. Know that God is with ye and that only those ye own level can completely understand. All shall be well. For every member ye lose of the old support system – two shall ye gain in the new. Know this and adapt well to the changes. Be at peace. Selah.

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