“Eliminate fear – Tis the most difficult of all lessons to master”

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Reading from Monday, November 07, 1983.

Do ye begin to see how few can understand the illusions which hold them? The difference is in faith and trust in the God-force, or there comes continually more sorrow and loss. It has been thus, since the beginning of time.

More comes to those who have. What ye have, ye expect to be there – to exist in ye life – because it is what ye know – thus, do ye create it. Ye do not doubt what ye know. Eliminate fear – live in total trust, and all is simple and easy. Allow fear to enter, and illusion has its grip.

Tis the most difficult of all lessons to master. Tis only then, when it is mastered that ye are truly free. The multitude of illusions are myriad. Tis a matter of trust, belief, and this, breaking from the bondage that is there on the earth plane. As illusion attempts to overpower, see it for what it is! Then ye are able to conquer it. All of the earth is illusion. All of the difficulties there is illusion. Trust! God is with ye in all things – in all ways.

See! See how hoarding anything –anyone is giving control to the illusion. Thus, they that see – have. They that see not, lose what they do have. Tis the way of it. Tis the control of it all. Trust and faith is the key – in all things.

Fear nothing! For if ye fear – that fear then owns ye –possesses ye!

Do ye also begin to see how difficult it is for the souls who have exercised no self-control? Tis difficult for them to trust because they have oft not been trustworthy – thus, they judge by their standards. Tis not man’s place to judge – yet he does. Tis why ye oft are in danger. In truth, ye belong not on that plane – ye have been sent to assist they who are ready. Ye have been sent by the God-force. Ye are a part of the God-force, and shall assist others who are like ye, and others who are ready to go beyond where they are. Ye shall know who. Ye shall recognize those ye are to assist and teach.

My children, ye must come to understand –ye belong not any of mankind. Ye are not truly of them. Ye cannot expect most to be as ye. Those who are sent as ye have been, ye shall recognize and they shall quickly understand what ye speak. They shall also recognize ye, as ye recognize them. There is then total acceptance and confirmation. This they who truly are ye brethren. See? The others are “of” the earth levels. In some ways, ye are the trespassers – see? Ye are of another order. Much of this existence is so primary, that ye become impatient. Just remember –tis also short! Tis a flick of time in the whole of it – and if ye can assist but one, it is all so worth it. See?

Tis always a danger that ones such as ye, who are sent, shall be overcome by illusions. Some, who are sent, are forever lost. The pull is strong! Just continually be aware of the illusions. It shall assist much to counter them. Stay serene, calm, trusting. Stay at peace. Trust in God. He is with ye each step. See the illusions for what they are. The entire time there is both a time of learning and a time of test. Ye have done quite well with it.

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