“Lessons are chosen things in life created by the soul to learn”

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Reading from Thursday, February 27, 2003

You ask about your sister and she, too, is now coming to a time for great successes. It must be understood that for each soul, in order to proceed in a new order – inner transitions must be made.  It is critical for this transition or there is continual repetition of the old order in life. A transition is the shedding of the old and a preparation for the new.  It is most important to be understood and accepted as the way to the new.  Without that, there is no true release and the old is continually being re-created.  Each one does create his own life there.  It is done in how one thinks about self and about others and about what has become habitual.  Old habits must be broken, before the new begins. There must come acceptance of a different way. This has been the process going on in your lives for a while.  It is a process and each must take whatever time is needed to work their way through the process. Without that, there are no new beginnings. Do you see? Old ways are familiar and thus it can be very difficult to make a transition.

When you pray, pray for total inner acceptance of the new way – tis an ability that must come to see the new as not only possible, but also real. It is the only way to change the old and move into the new. This is partially faith, but is also a transition in the mind. The transition can be processed more quickly when you have faith and total awareness. It is only then that the old can be seen with full clarity and rejection of what does not fit can occur.  If one anticipates the old, then that is what is created. Do you see?  If one holds the doubts regarding what may come – it goes to the old thought process and the old is re-created.

It is the inner knowledge and certainty that the new exists, which does add strength to that creation. It is why pain should never be dwelt upon.  Pain, sorrow – recreate pain and sorrow. It sets up the disappointments that are inevitable to arrive in those thoughts. It spirals into an abyss of the same.  Let no more pain or sorrow be in your lives and that shall not exist again.  Do you understand?  This is where you must have total faith. What you expect is thus given.  If you can learn to block out doubt, then what is doubted does not remain. See what you wish as reality and it is then given. There is a difference here, between wishing it to be and seeing it as reality.  It is the difference between making it real or making it a dream.  Certainty in knowledge is the difference.  When you have certainty, then it does come.  All barriers do then fall by the wayside.  Lessons are chosen things in life, my child. They are created by the soul in order to learn.  Choices are the creation of these things.  It is through the choices one makes that life is created.  When one is done with the old, then the new reality does begin.  New choices are made that are totally appropriate for each new experience to come. Do you begin to understand?

When there is resistance to choice or action to make that reality, it is because the one is not yet ready to move beyond what has been.  It is not finished with the lessons to learn.  Endings only arrive, when the new is a reality within the heart, soul and mind.

Look upon yourself.  What you have long lived with has been a marriage where your husband has not been truly with you.  He has long shared his time with other women and did not give unto you your due. This has been your life. And with Bob – what has been there?  Is it not a repeat of what you have known, though without the marriage or the actual commitment? Yea, this is what you have known in your life.  But, too, his choices have also been according to what he has known from his past and history.  Neither have truly looked at the new as reality.  Now, you have changed that for the first time within you and you now see the path.  You are viewing it all with total faith and the certainty within that the old is done. This is the transition.  Do you understand?  Each must be ready for the new way, before it can arrive.  No more of the old problems can exist, if you do not give it room.  It shall now all change to what you have envisioned.  It shall be on all the different levels where you can see and accept those changes. No more shall you find the burdens of old, if you do not ever accept them again.

You know where you heart does lie. You know what you are most suited for in your work life.  You can see these things clearly this day. Now your expectations shall be met.  It is no longer a yearning, but is reality. Do you see?

You must begin to look at any that is burdensome to you and see it as changed.  If you can maintain this in your mind, it is then created.  See it as already done, and place no time on doubts or on negatives.  Just know it is done.  See the new as total reality. This speeds the process and releases the old from your life.  Understand that whatever you fear does open a space for its creation.  When you have no open space – it is gone.  You understand attack – but how does attack occur? It is finding the open spaces created by doubt and fear.  Seal them off and they do not any longer exist. It does change. Do you see?  If doubts and fears and pain are a part of your thinking, then it has space to be created.  This is critical to understand.  Change the thinking and it seals off the possibilities.

The old way must literally be sealed off.  Money problems must be sealed off.  Sharing your man with another woman must be sealed off.  Illness must be sealed off.  Lack of success must be sealed off.  Inability must be sealed off.  If you can do this in any area that you want change – you will find the change shall then come with great speed.  Do not allow the possibility to exist in your mind and it shall not exist. It is sealed off.  Do you begin to understand?  It must be truly sealed off in your mind for the new to be created. Anything you desire that is different from what you have must be approached in this manner in order for change to occur.  Seal off any other possibilities and know that old ways must be given no reality.

It does not matter what has existed before, if it is sealed off – it shall not exist. Only give space to the new reality and it adds speed to the creation of it.  This is true, even in the dealings with others.  How you want your relationship to be what must be seen as the only way. If you can do this, it does then create it.  What you want is given. There is a continual flowing. It is then done.  See no other way and see no other possibility and it does then become created.  Just know within and it is.  Do not open doors to any other possibility and they do not open. One must seal off the old way of thinking and it no longer exists.  This is the transition period that is necessary.  It is the sealing off of the old, so that the new may begin. It is a transition, because one becomes accustomed to the old and this gives it room to continue.  It is only as one moves from that thinking that the new gains space.  This is the transition. Do you understand? Examine what you have known and what you want to change – seal it off as no longer existing.  The changes are then compelled. Everything is accomplished in this way with speed.

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