“…the soul is developing each individually, according to its own needs”

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Reading from Sunday, November 06, 1983.

My child, ye were told – look not for confirmation or approval from the lower levels. That comes from the God-force and from they who are of the fifth level and above. The others cannot understand.

Remember how very tied to the physical they are. Stop! Stop expecting more of them than they are capable of giving or understanding. Know now that they oft shall not understand. Remember too, they shall only relate from whence they come. They shall believe even the very worst, because it is what makes the lower levels feel superior. Tis a lonely search, as ye have found. Tis that the soul is developing each individually, according to its own needs.

Tis only the God-force which can give confirmation of the facts. Ye cannot expect others to confirm what they cannot see. Tis a physical plane ye live in now. Fall away from illusion. See it in its entirety. Be aware.

Do not expect anything from ye sister, ye mother, ye father, or any other of ye family on the earth plane. Tis not one of them developed enough yet to “see”. Expect naught and ye’ll not be hurt. Trust in God. He shall be with ye in all ways. Understand that it was much so, even for Jesus on that plane. He had to follow his own path and it was oft a lonely one. Few understood “why” he needed to do and be as he was. He followed the father’s guidance.

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