“Love is not measured or measurable”

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Reading from Sunday, June 25, 2006

It is time for him to begin visualizing larger visions.  He oft creates his own limitations, because of his thinking.  He must begin to think larger in every way, and see it as already done.  ALL that he wants and wishes for is there for him now…but he must begin to see it as done.  He must vision successes in more areas now.

He stops himself…always looking for proof.  This creates limitations on what is meant to be.  He has what he has wished for…but refuses to truly believe.  It is now time for him to see the much larger picture.   It is time to see more successes on every level.  He must see that all he now touches shall turn to gold.  There is no more reason for delay in any area.  It is now his time to move forward in successes…and the only thing stopping him is his thoughts.  He must accept that the rest is in place and just begin to see success on every level is there.  He has been guarding himself with negative thoughts…ready to wait some more.  This time is done.

His life shall now gain some complexity…in ways that have not been there before.  He must release the fight of this now.  He is meant to be pulled in several directions at one time.  It is in preparation for the future.  There is still a great deal he is intended to do and it is now time to learn how to handle more.  He is most comfortable in focusing only on one thing.  He then gets lost in it.  If he looks, this is now changing and he must learn to adapt to those changes.  All that is there now is teaching this…but he must recognize it, and become open to more.

He is changing his horizons now.  It shall never again be as the old.  It is time to see this as the new reality and understand that he MUST adapt to changes and not be so tied to old ways.  ALL that he has asked for is there…and he must conquer his fears.  He cannot continue in old patterns or ways.  It is time to move beyond them in every way.  He shall not be alone for long and he must continue to move forward…not back.

He is now into a time of great accomplishments.  It is the building for the future.  He shall gain in ways he had not imagined.  It is time to move in new directions within.  He guards his space and his time as a commodity that he cannot share.  This must now change.  He is into a time where time is no longer his own in many ways.  He must adapt to that now…and flow with it all.  He stops…and does not flow…because of his fears.  He must move beyond those fears.  It will give him the speed he wishes.  It is now that he must become more and more flexible in every way and just know that it is all being taken care of as he has requested.  It is his fears which get in his way, and then he slows it all down so as to feel in control of it.  He must come to believe there is absolutely naught to fear at all.  He is one of the blessed and it is a God given gift.  His life is not as others there, and he shall not meet with the same problems as many others have chosen for their lives.

It must be understood that in the past he immersed himself in pain, in order to feel a part of the world.  He chose that path…but now it is done.  It is time to move beyond that.

The relationship he wished is now there and will continue to grow…but he must stop placing such import on it as an end all.  It is not, and he should not expect it to be as he has imagined it to be.  He has found a team mate in this life…but it shall not be just home, hearth and family.  He has a great deal more to do, but he must also realize that his relationship is intended to help.  She is there with him in ways that many relationships do not call upon.

She is always to be a very active part and it shall not be the typical relationship that he imagines.  Their lives shall not be as he thinks.  He speaks of being at home…but their lives are not meant to be hidden away.  She fits into this very well, and shall be a tremendous asset to it all.  She shall be much more accustomed to the attention that shall soon be focused on them both.  She shall handle it better than he…but he will learn from her and from what is there.  However, his image of his life is not what it shall be and he must learn to open to that.  He must learn to flow with all that comes…and not guard his time so jealously.  It is going to be much out of his control and he will be miserable if he does not learn to adapt.  He must always understand that more than enough time is given and be at ease with changes.  It is not to be a hardship or a waste.  He must learn to flow.  This is most critical.

If he does not learn to relax and allow it that flow…he will not appreciate the gifts being given.  He is truly blessed in every way.  He must eliminate his doubts.  He must KNOW it is the way of it.  He has more than enough monies, more LOVE than he imagined, and more success in every way than even he asked for.  However, he must stop trying to measure it all in his terms.  He does not think large enough.  He must come to terms with how limited he thinks and allow it to be much larger.

This is one of those areas in this relationship that shall confuse him and creates his fears, even now.  He lives in limitations.  He does not see larger possibilities.  To him, largeness means no control.  He wants it all in measure…and only as he feels he can handle it.  He must begin to relax with it and know it is not all in his hands.  He tries to make everything measurable.  This is his greatest limitation.  He sees everything in measurement terms…time, monies, people, LOVE, etc.   In his logic…all must be measured and organized according to his pre-determined mode of measurement.  It is how he creates order in his life.  He must change his form of measure.  That is the key to all else.  He measures LOVE, and he measures money, and he measures time.  He must change that to understanding there is more than enough of all and feel at peace with it.  He is not to be robbed of any of it, nor is he to lose it.  It is given.

He must recognize the way he thinks in these terms and make a conscious change.  He must stop measuring it all.  It is what holds him where he does not want to be.  There is more than enough of all.  It is the measurement of everything that creates his problems and delays.  It is what he has to change.  It is far too limiting and he must release that.  It is critical that he learn to do so.  This woman is going to help move him to a different way of thinking.  But it is a deep core thought that he must change patterns of measuring everything.  It must move to a more generalized largeness in every way.

LOVE is not measured or measurable.  It is not based on anything that can be measured.  Money too is not to be measured.  Time is not to be measured.  It must be assumed that there is more than enough of all to share with any who needs.  His measure becomes possessive and it is not to be.  He must become aware of how he measures everything.  It is not what will take him to where he wants to go.  It must be stopped.  He must become aware that it is what he does and only out of fear.  Measurement implies there is never enough of anything.  It is what limits.

It is time to go beyond that and build awareness.  If he feels there is not enough according to “his” measure…it paralyzes him and his ability to move forward.  He must always see there is more than enough of everything.  It is the bounty of the universe that he taps into.  If he measures it all…it automatically limits any and all that can come.  But this requires faith in that bounty.  It is what he has difficulty with in his mind.

The key is “how” he measures it all.  He limits his life by those means and it must change.  He must come to understand there is plenty there meant just for him.  He is worthy of all that and more.  He cannot limit anything with numbers or a sense of there not being enough.  If he limits in his mind what he can do or give, thus it is also limited as to what he can receive.  It is not meant to be.  He must see himself in a different light…with no limitations whatsoever.  And he must recognize that every time he limits what he can do…he is also limiting what he can receive.  He is moving now into a time where he is supposed to receive…and know it is where he must be.  It is not in what he does or how…but rather is tapping into the plenty of the universe as his due.  It is critical to move in this direction to remove any and all blockages there.

He must begin to move into knowing it is “his” and absolutely nothing can threaten that plenty.  It is not limited.  And this is what he must begin to understand.  The plenty has no limitations and logic does not apply.  It just is.  It exists and there should be no concern as to the how of any of it.  This will open the flow of it and allow it all to come into his life.  He must just know it is.

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