“Prayers are always plumbed to see the truth within”

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Reading from Sunday, January 06, 1991

My Child, it is the conquering of fear that is most critical. So much of life on that plane is spent in the conquering of fear. What is fear? It is the fears of death, of hurt and pain, of embarrassment, of commitment, of emotion, and it is also a matter of “trust”.  A prayer asked from the heart is always heard.  A trusting heart is never deserted.  But – it is also a matter of depth of trust.  When one does pray, without room for surprise in the answer of the prayer – it is almost inevitable that there shall be some disappointment in some area.

Prayers are always heard and answered – but they are also plumbed to see the truth within. Then the answer is determined according to the truth. Do you see?  It is why when there is conflict that delay is inevitable. What is asked for must be clearly seen and desired.  What is desired, with no doubt is given one way or another.  However, if there is doubt – it does create a blockage. The energies of the universe can create whatever is projected – when there is no conflict.  When conflict is present, there is no creation – until it is cleared.

You have asked about “patterns.” Patterns are woven to accomplish universal (and larger) good.  It is energies interwoven which create patterns.  The body, the soul and the spirit are all forms of energy.

Patterns and destiny are interwoven.  Decisions as to destiny are oft determined by the Universal Pattern. See? Yea, there is freedom of choice, but many of the choices are made before the birth into that earth plane. Thus, while in that plane, there is also predetermination, as well as free choice.

When one is tuned to the pattern, there is a tendency to flow more easily with the happenings and circumstances continually faced.  It is not necessary to continually focus on the pattern – but more to see that there is a larger picture, and be able to relax with it.  When one fights what is there, which fears do make automatic, the focus becomes smaller and internalized. The smaller the focus, the greater the level of fear. The higher the fear level, the less the pattern is sensed. Thus, the resistance becomes more intense. See?

My child, you do tire. This shall be covered more fully later. Now – go to bed and get the rest you need. Peace. Selah.

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