“True enlightenment is understanding the simplicity of it all – and allowing it to be simple”

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Reading from Saturday, March 17, 2007.

There is total understanding and agreement as to timing, when faith, belief, and certainty are there in creation.  It all flows naturally, in order.

What must be understood is that the universe and plenty is always in order.  There is no chaos in the natural.  There is only chaos in fear—which also creates the un-natural.

It should be understood that fear is what creates chaos, and does not allow the natural order to just be and flow.  The natural is always in the proper order and is the fastest route to the desires of creation.  There is never reason to fear the order when it is allowed the natural flow.  In this way, each is set up for the next.

It must be understood that fears do create paralysis, or blockage, or stoppage, or barriers, or delay to the natural flow of the orderly creation.  It is why fears must be walked through as non-existent reality.  To dwell on fear is to block the flow of progression, until the fear is dealt with.

True enlightenment is understanding the simplicity of it all—and allowing it to be simple.  This is done by belief or certainty that what is necessary for the end result is there and in place—whether ye can see it or not.  Tis why ye cannot worry the “how.”  The how is ALWAYS revealed in the right order.  And it is oft the how that is the surprise—not the end result.

Yea, ye may be pushed/nudged towards the how…the way it can be done…but it is the how that must be left open to the creative force—to gain most speed.  The how is not to be predicted, as man is too limited to possibilities known, and cannot see possibilities exist far beyond man’s limitations in view.  Creation literally uses the plenty to create…and should never be held to man’s limitations.

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