“Whatever ye believe is truth – is”

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Reading from Saturday, February 23, 2008.

There are some things ye need to understand.

To grow beyond where ye are—ye must examine ye definitions—especially of self.  Ye can always expand or contract ye definitions, depending on what ye wish to experience in life.

When ye KNOW yeself—and what ye want to be—ye can come into alignment with that in terms of how ye define yeself—and attract it into ye life.  Ye must first align the definition of “self” as totally compatible with the new—and see self in that position or circumstance.  The transition cannot occur without that.  If ye see yeself without something ye want in ye life and define self in that manner, it is who ye are by definition and it is what is.

Can ye understand why many cannot change or work on more than one area in a lifetime?  To alter one’s life—the definition must also alter.  It is the belief in who and what ye are that creates the experience.  The certainty lies in that definition—of “self” above all else.   It is what manifests the experiences in life.  It is what also manifests much of the material in one’s existence as well.  All is defined by perception of self—the definition.

Material manifestation is easiest when it does not change ye definition of self.  If a material thing does not define ye or ye perception of self…it is easily created.  If a material thing will change ye definition of self, it becomes more difficult to manifest, until ye open ye own self-definition to include that material thing as who ye are.

Do ye now understand how transition times are often necessary?  It is the time it takes to redefine “self”—to include the new—and is oft done in increments.  Rarely does it occur all at one time.  Changes are generally more subtle—slowly opening the door to new possibilities and definitions.  It is generally the adjustment needed to change the definition of self.  The more tightly one holds onto definitions…the slower the process of change to include more, or less as a part of the definition.  If one slowly opens the door to new possibilities and definitions—it is the act of “becoming”—then it is.  Do ye see?

Relationships are most peaceful, when others define ye as ye define yeself—and most conflict occurs, when the definitions differ.

When someone asks ye to change—in essence, they want ye to come into line with their definition as to what they want ye to be.  Ye can choose to align with that, or not.

When ye speak of the same values, ye are actually giving a matching definition.  Tis why like tends to attract like.  It is where definitions match.  Do ye see?

Resistance and conflict occur, when definitions do not match.  This occurs on every level.  Expectations of self and others are ALL definitions—including the roles each should play out in life.  ALL relationships are thus defined.

Fears come when there is a sense that definitions won’t be met—or sometimes that they WILL be met, according to one’s own self-definition.

When it is said that you become what you think—it is that ye create what ye define as true.  What ye see and expect—is!  It is ye definition that gives it reality—creates.

If it is how ye define ye world—so then it is.  If it is how ye define yeself—so it is.  Whatever ye believe is truth—is.  It may not be as others define ye life, but it is how ye perceive ye life to be and naught can change that, until ye choose to redefine it within self.  If ye see self poor—so it is.  If ye see yeself wealthy—so it is.  If ye see yeself lovable—so it is.  If ye see yeself unlovable—so it is.  One must open at the core to redefine self.

Shared beliefs in relationships only create it more solidly…making it a shared experience…in whatever is believed to be true with certainty.

Self-perceptions or definitions are oft formulated in childhood…where one experiences life and learns expectations and definitions through the caretaker’s beliefs.  It cuts across all cultures and social and economic status.  The beliefs are created as truisms and are oft perceived as rules.  Families give group definitions—“this is who we are.”  The expectation is to identify with that and define self accordingly.  This is how one chooses parents before birth.  It is choosing the experience that will create the opportunity to learn and experience the life in the material in a particular way.  Other’s views of ye in that experience begin to create the self’s identity.  Do ye see?  This is the beginning of the “core” definition.  If others perceive ye as creative, so ye do become.  If others see ye as intelligent, so ye do become.  If others perceive ye as diligent, so ye do become.  Are ye beginning to see?  The definitions begin early and for some, become written and do not change.  Tis like a carving in stone.  To change one’s life or change one’s definition…one must expand or contract beyond that.

It is all in definitions and the familiar is always more comfortable, because it is what is known.  Self-definition must be in accord with what is desired in order to create something different.  If one does not believe it fits the self-definition…it cannot arrive, until the self-definition expands to the point where self opens to the new definition.  Do ye see?

If ye believe ye are a failure, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are a success, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are good, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are unworthy, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are poor, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are loved, so ye are.  If ye believe ye are wealthy, so ye are.  It is all in self-definition, as to what is created in ye life.  This is true in roles as well.  As ye define ye role in life…so it is.  It is what ye create through ye definitions.  And each one defines “self”—no matter how others may define ye.  It is always the definition of self that creates one’s life.  If ye see yeself as lucky, so ye are.  If ye see yeself as unlucky, so ye are.  If ye see yeself as famous, so ye are.  But what is stated as desirable, cannot be in one’s life, unless the self-definition includes it as a certainty in belief.  Do ye understand?  If there is discrepancy in belief or in certainty of how one defines self…it cannot be created.

Love is key here…because one must love the definition and believe in it for any definition to change.  It is what opens the door to redefining…and is oft done in an incremental way…to find the love of the new definition too.  One cannot hold onto old beliefs and attempt to redefine self without relaxing and allowing the new definition a place.  Hold onto old definitions or beliefs and there is no change.  Tis why it oft must be done incrementally…making changes comes more slowly, in order to redefine without fears.  See?   And always it requires actions that walk through fears as well.  It should be understood that experiences can be used to expand or contract whatever one’s definition of self is…and it is the self that makes that decision.  Creation of something different in one’s life cannot be done without redefining that self, so it can be included.  If that definition does not change, whatever changes that come do not stay.  It will return to the state that fits one’s definition of self.

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