“In truth, the route that appears riskiest is the most sheltered”

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Reading from Friday, January 04, 1991.

Be not afraid, My Child. Be not concerned. What is in Annette’s life now is there with purpose. She is stubborn. She has hidden away, within herself, long enough. She has withdrawn in many ways – and speaks the truth when she states that she cannot help herself.  Her mindset has her firmly in thrall, and she has great difficultly in letting go.

Tis trauma and some crisis, which forces her to go beyond this.  It forces her to reach out.  She need not choose this path, IF she faces her fears and understand there is no risk in changing her life.  If not, it will be changed for her.  She can choose the easy path or the difficult.  Either way, will lead her to where she must be.

What you sense, but not fully understand is the magnitude of her retreat. She has pulled back, far from everyone and all that she loves.  She has surrounded herself with meaningless activity, with mindless action, and she justifies it with monetary need.  She is filled with fears and self-doubt.  There is naught she wishes to face head on, thus does she retreat from the world in mindless activity.  However, this shall not grant her the peace she seeks.  Her peace shall only come with growth.  And there shall be no escape!

Ye have never understood the one part of her that she has kept hidden…tis the avenue of escape.  She has always believed that she could ignore what she has been called upon to do, and escape it all.  She has always held the belief that you were the one called – not she – and that all she had to do was bow out, move away from it, and she would be free.

She has oft asked you what her role was to be – but she has never truly wished to know.  She has refused to see.  To see, would mean she must commit herself, and commitment meant no escape. This has always been there within her.  She has used her husband as an excuse, or her children, or other things.  Soon she will find these are no longer valid. They will not be able to be used as an excuse anymore.  You see, if she refused to accept her role as a reality, then her escape was always assured.  It was easier to leave it all to you.

This job she took became her newest escape. She committed herself to that escape route.

She expected to find comfort and contentment in the mundane routine.  She mentally closed the door on all else.  That route doomed her to unhappiness.  She believed the routine and the lack of mental stimulation would bring normalcy to her life.  There would be no risk – only normalcy.  She has used monetary need as the barrier against change.  She expected it to shut the door and insisted to herself that this was so. The truth is that she has made her life much more difficult.  Change comes whether she admits it or not.

Annette slammed the door shut.  She refused to look. She put up “rules” which she decided would be a barometer in choosing her life’s course.  What were her rules?  That you make her life “predictable” and “secure”.  Give her a “job” — a place to hide away.  Demand little of her.  Take all responsibility upon your shoulders, and assign tasks that she knew she could do – naught beyond that — unless she felt ready.  She was determined that without that, she would not budge.

Do you see? For the first time, she was free to do more. All excuses for inaction were gone. But she did not wish to be free!  She was a feared.  She did not wish to accept responsibility for her self.  Nay! Thus, she chose another “sheltered” route.  Except that this is all illusion. There is no shelter. There is no such thing. In truth, the route that appears riskiest is often the most sheltered. She decided to go to work for someone else.  Allow others to make decisions for her.  She will avoid any job with more responsibility there. She would rather get lost in the system – allow it to swallow her up!  t was a good excuse for further inactivity. She was determined! She would make herself happy there.

She has come to realize that it is not the avenue to happiness.  She fights it still, but she does know.  She inwardly knows that the avenue without risk is the avenue to boredom and discontent. She sees it with clarity, but does not care for the options left.  It means she must take risks, and it is what she fights. She believes – it’s okay for you, but not for she. Hah!

It has been waited out, here, but it is now time to show her that there is no escape – that she too much choose the path laid out before her.  If she does not choose it, there shall be more and more disruption in her life. There shall never be enough of the moneys she claims she needs.  She shall find her mind does not let go of worries and concerns which begin to plague her. Yea – it is always her “choice”.  There is always more than one path. However, one path does go more smoothly than another. The tragedy is that oft these paths do lead to the same place – only one is more bumpy and holed than the other. Do you see? She has no choice but to reach for what she chose before her birth. It is her destiny.

Destiny is written before one is born into the earth. The choices are in how once does fulfill the destiny. Which path one chooses does take one to the same place . It is only that one does twist and turn and present more suffering than the next. It requires knowledge of the truth of one’s own essence to choose the shortest path.

You were told to eliminate fear from your lives. It is because fear does push you down the longest path – the one with ultimately the most suffering. It may “look” the easiest at the onset, but is not.  It is where the most internal suffering does exist.  On the earth plane, there is no security, but through God and the spirit. All else is total illusion.  Follow him in faith, and all else is taken care of. It is written. When there is insufficient faith, security is sought in illusions.  Yet it is all illusion.  It is a false security.

Annette is not alone in this. It is the way of most of mankind. It is restricting and truly joyless.  It is this that Annette does see – but she still cries out for the security.  However, when one such as she does continue to fight the correct path – it brings more and more insecurity.  Her world shall be continually shaken. There shall be attacks on what she believes she must work for – on what she justifies as her reason for continuation and it shall never be enough! Not until she chooses a different path!

You say this sounds cruel. My Child, My Child – each does choose his own destiny before his birth on that plane.  Each does lay out the paths of choice, which will either force them to their destiny, or is the most direct and least painful in the long of it. Do you see?  The paths are self-created! They are created before the birth! Each chooses his own destiny.  What is then written cannot be changed – only the avenue chosen to get there.

Even in your life — even with the knowledge of where you must go, and what and when you choose, before your birth, to await the others to catch up to you, so that you would go together. Thus, you have oft suffered the torment.  However, this now coming to an end. It is finishing and your way is clearing. All is well. More later. Peace. Selah.

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