“Each must experience his life’s choices and the end results of those choices”

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Reading from Monday, October 31, 1983.

Ye were told—fear not! My child –ye cannot “fix” the world. Ye cannot DO for the others. Each must find their own way, make their own choices; make their own decisions. Ye can do naught. Tis not ye place.

What ye don’t yet realize is that those of the lower levels cannot begin to comprehend ye mission. They are not capable of understanding. Tis only those of ye own level who can see it. Tis only they who are equipped. The others are not sufficiently developed. See? Ye cannot even speak of it to them, as it confuses their minds. Ye must accept that the majority there whom ye LOVE, are not able to share in all that must be done. It is only later that ye can provide the safe haven for any who belong. See?

Ye are not everyone’s mother. Ye cannot solve their problems “for” them. Ye MUST allow them each to seek their own paths and their own levels. Tis all that can be done. My child, as much as it saddens ye to see their struggles – there is naught ye can do. It is that each must find his own way, according to his own development. Ye can only be there if called upon. Beyond that, there is naught ye can do for each of them. Ye are there for they who are ready to learn. Ye are there to teach, but ye must always be cautious about interfering in any other’s life, as it robs each of the opportunity to choose for themselves what they will create in their own life. Do ye understand? Making others’ choices for them is never God’s way, nor is it the spiritual path. Ye must not go beyond ye bounds.


My child, ye are NOT God! Ye are his instrument – nothing more! Ye are not able to change people – tis not in ye power. Ye only have the power over the “illusions” of the earth plane. See? All of that plane is illusion except the souls that are there. Come to accept this, and see it for what it is. Tis the understanding of the illusions which gives ye this power. Stop trying to play God – as this is not ye role, or ye mission! See? Ye can only provide a safe haven for those who can be and wish to be saved. That is all! Tis in God’s hands, not ye own that the souls’ developments lay. See? [Tis not ye place to judge another, nor to force ye own choices upon them.  Each must choose his “own” path and experience his life’s choices and the end results of those choices.  This is God’s way, and God’s way of teaching what is correct for each to develop spiritually.]

Ye can only link with the others of ye own level, and provide protection to those who seek it. Naught more can be done by ye. Ye can only send, give and BE LOVE! There is naught more ye can do but provide unreserved LOVE to them. Come to accept this, My Child, and allow them to do and be whatever they must. Remember, it is all for their growth. Ye are no longer responsible for them in any way, but as a haven. That is all.

Ye must come to accept this so that the rest can occur. Ye must accept ye own helplessness before that which has been promised can come.

These others shall not provide ye with strength. That comes from ye faith in God, and then from the linking with others of ye own level. It is only they of ye own level who can give the confirmation of ye mission, and through that, comes strength. See? Look not to the lower levels for ye own confirmation, or approval of who ye are. It comes not from them – but from the God-force.

Come to understand the simplicity of ye mission. Tis to provide a safe place. Protected by the God-force. Ye are only an instrument. Ye are there to do God’s bidding. Ye are teachers – but only be example and by word. Ye cannot change others – only show what is possible. It is then up to they to choose the way.

Understand this! Ye cannot change ye sister. Ye cannot fix her relationships. Ye cannot sell ye mother’s home for her. Ye cannot rejoin ye parents. Ye cannot “live” anyone else’s life FOR them. This even includes ye husband and ye children. Ye can only live ye own life, and give ALL of it to God! Tis his wisdom, which prevails. Each soul makes his own world – his own life. See? Each soul must deal with his own fears. There is naught ye can do, but believe in the miracles of God. His sustenance is there for any who seek it!

Relax! Understand ye can control nothing! Ye can control naught. Ye have only the power over the illusions. Seeing them, understanding them for what they are, gives you power to change them. But, too, ye cannot change the needs of the souls to work away from their own fears. They shall continually meet with those fears, until they are dealt with. See? As ye attempt to solution it, it shall come to them again later, until they solution it, and lose their own fears. Accept this! See it, and understand, and allow each to do whatever they must do to come to terms with their own fears.

Ye cannot change the world! Ye cannot change the souls. Ye are there only to provide the safe place and to teach, and the rest. Once that is done, and the protectors are linked –ye job is done! All else is the God-given instruments to make it all possible.

Once ye accept this reality and the simplicity of it all – ye successes do begin. Delay it not with ye attempts to play God. Ye are not and cannot be responsible for any of the others. Each is responsible for himself. Ye cannot ease the ways for them, unless God uses ye as his instrument for this purpose. He is the source. None other. He does provide, not ye. And it is he who chooses to use ye as the instrument, or not – according to his plan, not ye own.

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