“There is so much to learn from nature’s way”

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Reading: Thursday, October 27, 1983.

Can ye also begin to understand marriage on the earth plane? One is oft of the higher level, while the other is the lower. It serves both sides. The higher level assists the lower level, by words, example and a state of being. The higher level is then able to “test” their own strength under pressure. They do then discover which areas need refining.

My child, there is so much ye have known, but didn’t know ye knew. It is now that clarity is there – confirming much of what ye have seen, but t’was through a fog. Until this time, it has basically been a sorting time for ye. Now that ye have this new clarity, all does begin for ye. Ye are still a teacher – a guide for many. It is a time of new behavior. Ye are not “responsible” for any – only for yeself. Ye can only teach and guide mostly by example.

Ye ask where ye LOVE has gone. Truly, ye are filled with it. Tis only that ye are learning reserve –in that doing too much for one can stunt their growth, as much as not doing enough. See? Ye are filled with LOVE, only have learned a new caution – that ye cannot do for others what they must DO for themselves.

Ye have always been well tuned to the God-force, and have listened well. But ye have also had to learn to break away from the earthly illusions. Many who return as ye have, never break away. They are then ordained to return again until they complete that cycle again correctly. See? There is always that danger in returning to that plane, even for the highest levels. Tis also why ye were sent with so many memories of how it works – tis so that ye may shortcut the process for others who were sent. Ye can teach of what ye do know to they who want to listen and are ready to learn. Tis up to them to accept, or not, according to what they are ready for. See?

The purpose of all is the honing of a soul’s development to reach back into the God-force with perfection.

Here, there is no time – no day- no year. Tis only measured thus in a physical sense, as a measure of allotted space in the physical. See?

Tis of import that souls do learn the priorities of the whole. Tis the God-force, first, then is the LOVE for fellow souls. Naught else is truly of ANY import. See? Tis the seeking of the soul to reach perfection. Tis far easier in any plane, when the soul experiences pain. As the pain more oft than not, forces the soul to seek relief though God. See? Tis the most fortunate in the physical sense, who have the most difficulty opening themselves to God, but then do so.

Naught else is of import but live –LOVE of God, the Father, first –then LOVE of fellow souls.

The Prince of Darkness is given a kingdom. His world is based purely on physical reward. LOVE is forsaken in his world. LOVE is pushed aside in the name of greed, gluttony, and physical pleasure. For some who journey into his kingdom – there is no escape! They are forever unable to leave the physical world behind. It is there, where hell exists. See? But all that any need to do, is call on the Father. He sends His God-force to assists any who wish. They need only take his hand and they are lifted. It is in looking up at HIS LOVE for them, that there is hope. If they learn faith – trust in Him—no earthly thing can hurt, harm or destroy. Tis ALL illusion! Threat used by that Prince to make them fall into his side. Tis his hold over them. See? When his power is seen as only illusion—tis then that he can exist no more. That is his power – Illusion! See?

Tis why ye must always strive to go beyond. See that the worry and fears and pressures—never truly exist! The earth plane is ALL illusion! Tis why ye must eliminate fear. See how it is NEVER real! Take God’s hand and trust in him! As ye receive duns, or are under pressure –know none is real! Look to God. He shall always lift ye. Ye need not escape—only trust in God to provide, for provide He always shall.

He feeds ye, he clothes ye, cares for ye, protects ye, leads ye and guides ye. All ye need is faith! Trust in Him and all is provided. Absolutely NO harm can come. Float above it all and it is provided. Ye are shown the way. See? Never hoard, or become protective of anything on the physical plane. It is then, that ye can be held. What is important to ye can be used as a weapon against ye. Never fear sharing what ye have with others. Always there is enough and more. Always be willing to give ALL away. More shall always be provided. It comes from God.

Ye shall beautify ye surroundings, as order does assist in bringing peace and tranquility. But do not become overly attached to any thing. Always be willing to give it away. Tis true, even of the peoples. Ye must be willing to be without them, in order to not be trapped by that illusion of the fear of their loss. See?

There is so much to learn from nature’s way. Much is in evidence for all man to see, but often they are blind to it. Look at the changes in the trees, with passing seasons:
In spring, there is the budding—much as a small child. It is a time of rapid growth, and great promise of what is yet to come.
In summer, the trees are lush with green foliage. The buds have blossomed into mature leaves, and they bring forth shade from the summer sun – whispering music in the wind—and shelter for much life.

In the fall, comes forth a new richness, what was once all green bursts into a bouquet of various shades. Each tree has gained its own unique character and color. Much as the peoples do, as they age. They become even more beautiful than before in variances. They lose conformity and each takes on a spice that only comes with living.

Then comes winter. There is a dignity in pride – even stripped of all decoration. This is the core. The essence of each is exposed for all to see – knotholes, gnarls, and all. This is the way into death.

And the repetition is also as the cycle of life – both individually and as a whole.

Life on the physical plane is continually renewed. Souls leave and return again to try once more. Some leave, never to return—but there is always another to take its place. Do you see? It is all there for man to see, yet rarely do the peoples accept it as a lesson. Instead, you hear of the inconveniences of each season. Few see, or understand the cycle which is there. These lessons are present in all areas of nature, yet mankind becomes so busy—so involved in fussing about—that he does not see even that which is most obvious.

Throughout the world are multitudinous examples for they who look—but few care to take the time.

Be aware, always as to how all things on the earth do point towards the whole. Each has its place and its season. Even the cycle of governments, mores, and values. Look and ye shall see how often the same ground is covered (repeating lessons again and again, but in different situations) so that the new souls may learn. See? This is why you cannot save the world – only show the way. All must choose their own path. You cannot do this for them. Only show the way. Selah.

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