“Marriage, by nature is possessive”

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Reading from Monday, October 24, 1983.

Marriage, by nature is possessive. Female 5s are most likely to marry, so that they are cared for, while reproducing more receptacles for souls. They are oft the nurturers. But- there also reaches a time where the mate MUST be supportive and allow the level 5 the necessary freedom, or the wedded match is doomed. See? There must come a time of loving independence, or the level 5 must seek freedom from the possessive restrictions. See? Or, it will be arranged for the Level 5 [by a higher source].

Now the male level 5 is not always led into marriage – and if he is, it oft is of very short duration, unless he is matched with another of “his” level. Do ye begin to comprehend? The male is less in need of being “cared-for” as he is not the body through which new receptacles of the soul is born and nurtured. It is essential that he maintain his independence and freedom to do what must be done – thus, a possessive, restrictive relationship is necessarily left quickly behind. Also, tis often the mate who seeks an end to the relationship, because they seek more restrictive influences on themselves than they receive from the 5.

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