“Ye must first put LOVE of mankind in ye hearts”

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Reading from Friday, October 14, 1983.

Ye have been long parted from the material senses and it has been necessary that ye have this type of deprivation in order to see and understand the illusions which can entrap ye. See? Ye must come to full terms with them BEFORE the new material things come unto ye, so that ye are not entrapped by them as they come. T’would be easy to fall back into the lower level, if ye are not well prepared and strengthened first. Tis better to LOVE a life without a lot of extra in order to know that ye can live without, before ye live with that, so as to see the illusion of it.

Much must be in ye attitude towards others, Ye must first put LOVE of mankind in ye hearts and be ready to give—to share—with true LOVE in ye hearts. See? If ye have the wrong attitude, ye shall be pulled down and possibly forever lost. It must be with LOVE of others that ye mind becomes totally occupied. Tis this desire to share, to give, to assist which must reign. Ye desires are paltry and must come last. Do ye comprehend?

Tis this LOVE which must remain pure. It must be foremost in ye heart—above all that ye may need. In giving and sharing, ye put forth the “example” of LOVE. As ye accept this and allow it to become a full reality, then ye own becomes secondary. See? Yet, through it all ye also gain what ye wish – what ye would like. But it is of extreme import to understand the unimportance of those desires. As ye gain and can maintain the proper perspectives, then too shall all of these [material needs] come unto ye—unbidden.

Ye must maintain an internal vigil, of sorts, in order to remain above the traps of illusion. Ye shall have it all, but ye must willingly keep the proper perspective on ye priorities. See? It is what ye can do for others, which is of most import – See? If ye keep this in mind, ye shall find ease in all areas of ye life. There is naught to fear, nor worry over. There is truly naught to yearn for. Once the lesson is learned, ye need not ever worry over ye own needs, or wants. They are automatically provided. [It is only fear, or lack of love, or the full belief in the power of love that delays needs being met.]

As ye approach all with LOVE, the rest is provided. Tis not a benevolent power, to have moneys—tis rather often a self-centered power, and selfish. Ye must guard against it. Ye must guard against allowing “self” to be of primary import. Ye must, instead have ye heart filled with LOVE and concern over others. Ye have no needs! God does provide for ye. He is the source, as ye know.

It is this conscious concern for others that is of utmost import to the mission. It is the mission which is primary, above all else. See? Ye cannot allow yeselves to be distracted, or to substitute things in ye list of priorities. Ye must be aware of this possibility and thus, guard against it. Keep in mind ye true needs. [Which is love and loving others] SEE? All else is superficial.

But ye both must now keep in mind that revenge is unimportant. T’would be far too easy to slip into that earthly-temptation, and it would hold ye where ye should not be.

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