“LOVE and FAITH which are the key ingredients to spiritual power”

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Reading from Wednesday, October 12, 1983.


It is LOVE and FAITH which are the key ingredients to spiritual power. As ye completely understand this, new powers will continue to become evident in ye lives. The potentials with this combination are unlimited. It opens the door to new abilities. Ye have found the key, as ye are to now unlock the door to these new potentials. Remember – it is faith which makes it all possible.

Ye have new understanding now. Ye have seen a different way. Ye are in the process of release yeself from all earthly bondages. This takes time, and an awareness, before it can be complete. But ye do well with it. Ye have begun down this new pathway, and never again shall ye truly regress. Ye have discovered how LOVE is the key.

Ye have also found a new acceptance for those lower in levels – a new patience. Ye can see them more clearly and in some ways with more compassion. Ye are also understanding why many must return again and again to the earth plane. Once they leave the physical behind, and rejoin the spiritual, they begin to see what is correct. See?

Jean, as a child, ye knew and understood. Ye were wise and truly filled with LOVE. Now, ye are regaining that perspective once again. It has been truly a very short time to return to the way. Ye once again are regaining the trust, faith, and LOVE –uncomplicated by the physical. Ye are in the midst of the rediscovery and it pleases the God force. Tis oft difficult to gain the proper perspectives there on that plane. Tis in part, the pulling down by the lower levels, but tis also what is found within the individual soul.

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