“There is no gender in LOVE, only soul reaching soul”

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Reading from Friday, October 07, 1983.

Ye are learning my children. Ye are learning. Ye are fast putting it in order within. Ye are beginning to see all more clearly. Do ye begin to now understand how the key is LOVE?

LOVE needs no possession
LOVE is non-judgmental
LOVE is always forgiveness
LOVE is giving
LOVE is sharing
LOVE is accepting
LOVE is joy
LOVE is peace
LOVE is patience

It matters not what has been done – LOVE encompasses all and smiles with total benevolence… do you see? It is understanding and allowing it to be according each to his own. It is that souls must take care in what they learn to LOVE. LOVE is non-possessive. It is keeping forever in mind what is truly of import.

Possessions, in and of themselves, are of no import. It matters not if you have them or don’t. It is that they are not of primary importance. “Things” are but tools –naught more than that. LOVE is the key. But it is total LOVE which must reign – without fear. It is faith and total belief—even through the unknown.

LOVE is not to be confused with the physical act of making LOVE. That is not LOVE. That is copulation. On the earth plane, it is oft confused with LOVE. And it is truly unimportant. In truth, it is a poor substitute for depth of LOVE. People become entrapped in the physical, because the physical oft gains more import to them than all else. See?

All must start with total LOVE of God. It is this LOVE which makes commitment, which is faith. It is this LOVE which makes trust. It is always reciprocated. Yes, it is always all right to LOVE. There is no gender in LOVE, only soul reaching soul. And LOVE is not exclusive, nor should it be.

LOVE has the power to move mountains and make things change. Tis so. Never be afraid of LOVE, my child. It is always good.

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