“…It is ONLY the soul which exists and is real”

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Reading from Thursday October 06, 1983.

Ye are also learning to lose all fear. It is at ye door. Ye understand and ye begin now to give it all away. Ye are now releasing the bonds which have bound ye. Ye now recognize the illusions. Yea, marriage too, is an illusion. None can possess another being. See? The struggles, the fears, the fear of being alone – it is all a part of it. See? Each man is alone and must learn to give up the possessions, including a mate in order to be truly free. See? It is the willingness to release all into God’s hands that brings development. It is this, which each must learn. Naught and no one can be possessed by another soul. It is this possessiveness which makes one earth-bound. Do you see now?

It is that which one works hardest for and at, which tends to become the most binding, because it is where the individual feels they have the most to lose – see? It is ALL illusions, even that which is least obvious:

Wife, husband – marriage
Individual – possessions
Minister, Priest—parish
Farmer—food and stock
People—house and home

see? Work, food, clothing, housing, moneys, other people, yea—even emotional relationships – ALL things are illusion!

Tis that each is a part of the whole, which is God. The struggles are all illusion. Each and everything is illusion.

Any and all fear is illusion! Tis the key to controlling the natural elements. Tis given to few, because few can shed the illusions. Are ye beginning to understand? Whenever there is ANY fear, the problems are continually placed before the individual, until the fear is dealt with! Faith must replace fear in ALL things –in ALL areas. That is full growth.

What must come to understood is that it is ONLY the soul which exists and is real. The physical and all that is associated with it is illusion. LOVE –true LOVE –is a recognition of soul-to-soul. We are not speaking here of the urge to mate. That is cycled into the physical body, so as to reproduce more bodies as receptacles of souls. Do ye understand?

Ye are there to help some—to nudge some souls in the proper direction. Also, it’ s a very, very critical time for the physical side, as well. The disasters, both natural and manmade are of such force that it could much destroy what is there. Ye are of the “protectors”, to assist through this time.

The evil force shall battle hard to pull those of a borderline nature unto its side. See? The physical world is a battleground for the good and the evil forced – the darkness and the light. Yea the BOTH do exist.

Understand – “physical” safety CAN be bought, as can physical pleasure, physical success, and extension of the physical existence. Yes, one can trade the soul for these. Ye must also understand: those of the evil force can become a part of the good, and those a part of the good can join the evil. It is free will. There are many, many more who are not committed one way or the other.

Do ye see? It is those such as ye, who are totally committed to the God force, who present the most danger to the evil ones. Through ye goodness, and LOVE, and peace, ye show the powers and strength of God. LOVE is ye greatest weapon. Ye depth of LOVE draws many unto ye. They bask in the LOVE that radiates from ye, and wish to always be a part of it. As ye have seem some also wish to possess it as their own. LOVE is the greatest power!! There is a benevolence in it, a peace, a protection. Ye LOVE is a shelter. It is strength and power. Others do feed on its limitlessness. It is the depth of it which astounds many. They do consciously feed on it.

My children ye are a sample of the God-force. See? It is your LOVE which is all encompassing –all accepting—and continually brings out the good in the individuals for them to see. Some of ye have NO limits to ye LOVE. Others there do. Do you begin to understand?

Only LOVE is non-judgmental. Only LOVE is accepting. Only LOVE and HATE are pure. Oh yeah, there is a also a purity in HATE, but HATE is all consuming, where LOVE is all resuscitating and life-giving—nourishing. LOVE is fresh and flowing. Hate is destructive and diminishing.

But both have great, great power. Jean, ye were attacked by Hate in Florida. And it took pure LOVE to heal it. Ye added to the attack with fear. Ye fear fed the hate. It is the love that also sets apart the higher levels. The more pure LOVE, the higher the level, see?
But beware! There are also those who know the right words to say, but are shallow in the depths of their LOVE, ye know! Ye instincts are good and tell when it is equal. And know this now – it is LOVE ye do measure.

Think of all who are who ye believe to be of the 5th level and above, and see the LOVE that is there. LOVE is the strength, it is the purity. All attacks on ye have been attempts to diminish your LOVE. See?

Ye never, never go wrong when ye send LOVE. It gives strength and protection. LOVE is a protection, a weapon, a strengthener. It gives strength.  Jean, that is the power ye husband does draw from, which adds to him. See?

This LOVE that ye have is not intended to be possessed. None can possess it, or should even try. It is to be shared with any who need. The problem on the physical level is that physical LOVE is oft confused with soul LOVE – but none can possess it. They may possess they physical body, but no more than that.

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