“understand the levels and their differences”

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Reading from Saturday October 01, 1983

Ye are doing well. Fear not. Ye are being guided. It takes time to assimilate the levels and their differences. Each and every one of you need time to set it all in order to thoroughly understand the levels and their differences. In order to be effective in recognition – it must be able to be done quickly.

(What of the problems each one is going through?)

It is mostly illusion. It is as you saw—a shedding of the old and a preparation for the new. It is always more obvious from the distance than up close. Tis why you too have a difficult time understanding some in your own life.

You see? The changes are now to come, and it is time where ye shall now see the new happenings. It is now into what you could call the second phase. There is a budding awareness amongst them now. Ye are not alone in this. It becomes clear to others too.

Oft ye are just the catalyst. Ye shall see the others showing ye, too, that the awareness has been awakened. Ye shall not find this time before ye difficult, though others may.

Ye are at least (both of you) acknowledging that ye are different. Ye LOVE. Ye know. Ye see. Ye shall grow even stronger with each passing day. Ye are of God, my children – and the glow of LOVE shall reign supreme.

Feel good! Feel joyous! Feel happy and filled with success. Great, great joy and wisdom, and naught but good is there for ye now Greet it! Embrace it! Create, and as ye do, ye powers do expand.

Remember too—that ye learn more quickly than most, thus remember that others need time to adjust their thinking more slowly. Tis especially true for ye families. It then becomes a part of them. See? Ye cannot, nor should ye wish to, rush anything!


Much, much moneys are on the way to ye now. It at this moment flowing unto ye. See it! It is now come. It is now there for ye. Never again shall it cause ye difficulty. Ye have faith. Know it now. The faith brings any and all. Know it! Know it with all of your being –without doubt. Feel up! Feel good! All is truly well. All is good. All is now yours. All is begun. Know it with all your heart.

New strength is now yours. New power is now yours. Ye can draw to you all that ye need. Know it now. See it and believe. Know it. It is now yours. Envision what ye want and it comes. See it, and it is yours. When ye believe, it is yours –immediately. You shall find extraordinary happenings do surround ye now. Be at ease with it. Enjoy it. Ye have gained great strength. Know it now. See it. It is yours. Tis a part of the new powers. It is present. Look. See. Believe. Enjoy.

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