“When in doubt, allow LOVE to judge. There then can be no error.”

Nkrumah The Readings

Reading from Wednesday, August 17, 1983.

LOVE is the strongest factor. It is an immeasurable power. It is strength unto itself. See? Remember? When in doubt, allow LOVE to judge. There then can be no error.

LOVE is an enslaving power, with its joy and peace, and excitement too, but it is truly strengthening as well.

Tis a great difference between LOVE and affection. Affection can have great depth and never-ending, with little work beyond exposure. LOVE must be nurtured, worked towards, cultured carefully. It does not come easily. There is an intensity in LOVE that is unmatched by all else. Yet, at the same time, there should be no fretters.

In the joining of powers there must always be a base of LOVE. It is not necessarily the romantic kind, but it must be based on mutual respect, recognition, and matching of powers – and acknowledgement. One must be equal to the other. See?

When in doubt, allow LOVE to judge. There then can be no error.
Power levels are very important in the long of things. Tis only when the levels are the same that there is no threat. When the levels are different, there is always a part of the higher level that remains submerged, because the lower level cannot comprehend that part. See? It is generally very good for the development of the lower level, but is oft a suffering time for the higher. It is also a time for development for the higher, but through different pains. It is sometimes detrimental in that the level feels superior. Then, naught more can be learned – see? Then it is time to end the relationship – to move on.

My children, it is time to stretch and grow! It is time to use all the powers. It is time to allow the submerged part to be vibrant and alive! Ye cannot allow it to be pushed down again.

Ye must learn to think of yeself as an entire entity. Ye can now be whole. It is the entirety that must be dealt with. It cannot be re submerged. It is there. It must be seen, and used, and fully revealed. It is time now! It is time of truth. Ye are complete and ye cannot be other than what ye are. Know this now. Ye cannot be other than who and what ye are. Ye are an entity unto yeself. Ye are prepared to be –to do! Ye cannot go back! Ye must walk forward in full and complete confidence. It is ye due. If any do try to stop ye, they shall be gone from ye life.

The entire self is there. The entire self is good. Use it. Allow all part of ye to find expression. Do walk forth in freedom—rather than with any over ye head. Do what ye must. Be who ye wish. Ye are who ye are! Ye cannot hide. Ye must be!

Draw to you any that you wish and need. Visualize it as there. Ye know – now see it! Look and see it! It comes to you. It is there. It is now begun. Soon it is also done. Worry not! Be not concerned! Ye know how. Now DO!