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ADDENDUM to Fact# 26 of 28

B Black Americans have no justification under the Sun to think of themselves in any way to be less than anyone else. The reason many of us have trouble believing this is because our identity blurs and disfigures what we see in the mirror. The problem with using something false, like racial superiority, as a foundation to build someone up, is that when the deception is exposed, people will naturally assume that there must’ve not been anything to be proud of in the first place. And that’s why you had to make something up.

Why do people lie anyway? We lie either because the truth is going to present something differently than how we want that something to be perceived or because the truth isn’t going to convince someone to believe what we want them to believe. Since Blacks are not inferior to any other group, and have contributed as much as any other to human civilization, there is no reason to lie.

The inherent superiority or inferiority of one group of people over another is false. Every group that has ever tried to argue supremacy has always said that they had the “science” to back it up.


Clearly, those who believe in racial superiority don’t know what science is.
Science IS: 2 parts hydrogen 1 part oxygen makes water.
Science is NOT: Water tastes better than Ice Tea.

African Americans spend FIVE BILLION dollars a year to have thick Indian hair interwoven into their own hair to disguise what they actually look like, because they think they are more attractive if they aren’t displaying the hair texture that grows from their own scalp. This is what is FALSE. Self-flaw is always false. I am of the opinion that we have been lied to enough.

Look, I might not be the best writer. I might not be the best singer. Hell, I might not be “the best” at anything I give my mind to, but who says that I need to be the best in order to accomplish what I set my mind to?
Even the best basketball player or the best fighter is only the best of his or her era.

I can tell you what I am. I am a human being and that means that there are two things that I share with all human beings. First, the beauty of human beings is in our variation not in our uniformity. You want to talk about Science? The more genetic variation there is in our DNA the healthier we tend to be. The stronger our eye sight, the stronger our teeth and bones the more adept we are at fighting off disease. That is science.
Each of us is a beautifully unique combination of many different things, some healthy, some unhealthy, some in balance, some out of balance. In other words, we are perfectly imperfect. And the second thing all human beings have in common is that each of us is inherently worthy of all the love, joy and beauty that this world has to offer.

One of the problems with human beings is that we carry within us far too many unexamined assumptions. We assume that when people aren’t struggling with the same issues that we are then that means that they are further along than us, just like we assume that we are further along than people who struggle with issues that we don’t struggle with. Both are FALSE.

I will leave it at this. Faith is having a belief in something in the absence of proof. BLIND FAITH, is holding on to a belief in something, despite evidence to the contrary.

The lesson here is that you can believe what you want to believe, but it won’t change the shape of the Earth.