What exactly is an Uncle Tom?

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I In order to meet the definition of an Uncle Tom three very specific criteria have to be met.

First, the person has to be Black. There is no getting around this. So don’t try. Although every minority group has their own version, for example Native Americans, instead of Uncle Tom’s have Apples, (red on the outside, and white on the inside) to be an Uncle Tom you have to be Black. This one is specific to us.

Secondly, an Uncle Tom must put aside what’s in his own self-interest in favor of a person whose interest is to benefit in some way at the expense of Blacks. (For further clarification please look at the plot synopsis of any Blaxploitation film ever made and pay particularly close attention to the villain.)

And lastly, his motivation for doing this must be because he values, even more than his own self-interest, the approval of the very person whose interest it is the benefit at his expense.

The actual character of Uncle Tom, from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s cabin, dies after being brutally beaten by two overseers. But before Uncle Tom gives into death, in his final performance, he forgives the two men, in the name of Jesus, by which they are so moved  that they both condemn slavery and become Christians.